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Johann Friedrich Blumenbach – Online
The project “Johann Friedrich Blumenbach – Online” studies the publications and natural history collections of the Göttingen natural scientist Johann Friedrich Blumenbach (1752–1840). Its objective is a digital edition of his works and the still remaining collection objects.
“Johann Friedrich Blumenbach – Online” is a so-called “Langzeitvorhaben” (long-term project) within the Academies’ Programme of the Union of the German Academies of Sciences and Humanities, based at the Göttingen Academy of Sciences and Humanities in Lower Saxony. provides information about J. F. Blumenbach and about online resources for research on him, gives access to early results of the project’s work and presents the project. Most of the pages are available in English. To acces the English versions, click the link in the upper right of a page.
The texts, databases and other materials produced by the project will be made available in 2024 in an interactive online portal with search and query functions.
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