Database on Blumenbach’s scientific collections
Scientific and historical data on the objects that still exist.
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Example data record
“Rattle quill of a
South African porcupine”
Screen shot; no zoom function for images. (Free access)

Example data record
“Molar of a wooly mammoth”
Screen shot; no zoom function for images. (Free access)

The “Academic Museum” at Göttingen
Overview of sources and con­temporary publications on the collection up to 1840
(in German).

Blumenbach’s private natural history collection
Overview of sources (in German)
• collection areas
• contemporary inventories
• publications.

Sources on Blumenbach’s skull collection
• Catalogues
• Labels on the skulls
• Historical publications
• Correspondence

Catalogue of the “Schlütersche Mineraliensammlung” (Schlüter Mineral Collection)
Digital version and comments.

Panoramas of collection items
19 thematically grouped overviews of approx. 400 of Blumenbach’s extant geological, mineralogical and palaeontological collection objects.

Göttingen academic collections
Current repositories of objects from the former “Academic Museum” and from Blumenbach’s private collections (in German).

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