Blumenbach’s Biography
• Family background
• Education and career
• Blumenbach and Göttingen
• Academy of Sciences
• Scientific collections
• Biographical literature
• Biographical data

Blumenbach’s significance in the history of science
• Temporalized History
  of Nature
• Anthropology
• International dimension

Research literature
Monographs, sections from monographs and studies on Blumenbach and his works, if possible with links to digital versions.

Calendar of Blumenbach’s Correspondence (in German)
The focus of the Calendar is on Blumenbach’s scientific work. Biographical information
and general historical information are only considered if they are the sole or predominant subject of a letter. Mentions of Blumenbach’s works and objects in Blumenbach’s collections are recorded.

Chronological list of Blumenbach’s travels
Blumenbach’s journeys and stays outside Göttingen between 1775 and 1839, mentioned in
printed sources. If possible, travel stops or events are indicated on a daily basis.

Blumenbach’s private library
• The 1840 auction catalogue
  (transcription and commentary)
• The „Blumenbach/Herbst

• Blumenbach’s “African library”?
Research literature on professorial
  libraries around 1800

Blumenbach’s lecture announcements
• Sources
• Lecture organisation
• Full text of Lecture

Student notes of Blumenbach’s lectures
Details about 43 lecture notes by 27 identified and several unknown authors, arranged according to
subject. In some cases digital versions are available.

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